Recon Response Engineering LLC helps building owners, government organizations, insurance companies and legal teams determine what has gone wrong (or could go wrong) with a building. We use our engineering expertise combined with our experience working on rescue teams for hurricane disasters to bring a practical response and recommendations package grounded in the reality of actual construction performance—not wish lists or impractical pipe dreams.
From the initial building survey to production of engineering specifications and drawings, to construction administration and project wrap-up, we serve as the Owner’s advocate and help make sure that work is completed in accordance with the construction contract and permitted documents.

Recon Response Engineering LLC is a Florida-based consulting engineering firm, specializing in the evaluation, repair, and renovation of existing building structures. In addition to structural components, we focus on the exterior envelope of buildings including roofs, walls, and balconies.
Recon Response Engineering provides civil-structural engineering consultation services, focused primarily on the exterior envelopes of buildings including roofs, balconies, exterior walls, and foundations. Our services include structural building surveys via ground-based and drone inspection, production of engineered permit documents and specifications, construction project management, structural engineering design, asbestos testing, and expert witness consultation for legal services.
The target audience for Recon Response Engineering includes single-family residential, townhome, and condominium residents as well as property management companies, condominium association boards of directors and commercial building owners. Specifically, we specialize in providing personalized service and responsive turnarounds through a careful vetting process of both the work to be performed as well as our perceived working relationship with the client. Not every job or client is a good fit for us, and our engineering firm is not a good fit for every job or client—and that’s okay.
Our Services Include:
  • Asbestos Testing and Consultation
  • Structural Surveys of Existing Conditions on Building Exterior Envelopes
  • Production of Engineered Permit Drawings, Engineering Specifications and Project Manuals
  • Production of Construction Contract Documents (for final review by client legal counsel)
  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Observations and Inspections for General Conformance
  • Expert Witness Engineering Consultation
  • Insurance Claim Investigation
  • Remodel/Addition and Structural Repair Consultation

Education and Professional Credentials for Andrew Schrader
  • Master’s Degree (M.S.C.E.), Civil Engineering, University of South Florida
  • Bachelor’s Degree (B.S.C.E), Civil – Structural Engineering, University of South Florida
  • Graduated cum laude

Professional Credentials:
  • PE #72231 State of Florida, Licensed Professional Engineer
  • SI #72231 State of Florida, Special Inspector of Threshold Buildings
  • CGC #1521910 State of Florida, Certified General Contractor
  • AX #104 State of Florida, Licensed Asbestos Consultant
  • StS-1 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Urban Search and Rescue Structures Specialist
  • SI #8910200 International Code Council (ICC), Special Inspector
    • Structural Steel and Bolting
    • Soils (Geotechnical)
    • Structural Masonry
  • Concrete Construction Special Inspector, American Concrete Institute (ACI)
  • Concrete Field Testing Technician—Grade I, American Concrete Institute (ACI)
  • Private Pilot (Instrument-Rated) #4122450
  • Remote Pilot (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems)
  • U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Certified Continuing Education Instructor, Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR)
  • Asbestos Business #ZA518
  • Engineering Certificate of Authorization #31955