Whether we’re performing asbestos testing, drone inspections or engineering in Florida, we learn from our partners past and present. This includes the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Structural Research Group at the University of South Florida.

Our founder Andrew Schrader is a licensed Professional Engineer and Special Inspector. He also holds his Certified General Contractor’s license and Asbestos Consultant license in the great state of Florida. 

He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in structural engineering from the University of South Florida. The US Army Corps of Engineers has certified him as a Structural Specialist Responder.  Learn more about what a Structural Specialist does here.  


Planning a renovation or repair project can be daunting for anyone who hasn’t grown up in the construction industry. Recon Response makes it easier by helping in all phases of a project. From initial concept to pre-planning to testing for the presence of asbestos. All the way from engineering inspections to project completion, we will be there. 

We service the entire exterior building envelope from roofs, to walls, balconies, walkways, and sliding glass doors.  From reinforced concrete to CMU block masonry, stucco over wood frame to EIFS buildings, we can help no matter how your building was built.

We are practicing forensic engineers. This means that we are problem solvers who can help figure out what went wrong , and how to make it better again.  If you’re looking for the cheapest engineer, then you’re probably looking at the wrong web page. Or if you are looking for someone to serve as an Expert Witness but aren’t really looking for the truth, we would kindly suggest that you hire someone else. 

However, if you care about getting the project done right  then we may be able to help you. Please reach out today to learn more.  


Andrew Schrader is licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) not only as a commercial airplane pilot, but as a Part 107 Commercial Drone Operator. Our drones are equipped with visual cameras as well as infrared/thermal cameras. This helps us  see where water leaks are starting. We perform roof inspections and outside “building envelope” inspections. The building envelope is  not just the roofs but also the exterior walls, windows, and balconies. It’s amazing what you can see once you get above eye-level on a Florida drone inspection.

Many of our clients ask us to inspect their buildings once a year prior to hurricane season. We provide high-resolution imagery and 3D mapping of their communities. This way, when a hurricane or tropical storm hits the buildings, the Association can easily show the insurance company what everything looked like BEFORE the storm hit.


Did you know? The National Severe Storms Laboratory classifies “damaging winds” as those exceeding 50 or 60 mph. As a result, many clients have us inspect their buildings any time local wind speed exceeds 50 mph. They request this engineering service whether or not a named storm has impacted their address, since the roof or walls may have been damaged either way.